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You might have noticed the Red Lightning Bolt On Dashboard means there are some issues in this electronic throttle Control System (ETC).

But, if you don’t know the matter, we’ll assist you to investigate and dispel any doubts regarding the matter.

Let’s discover why the flashing red light on your dashboard is and what you can do to help in this scenario!

Red Lightning Bolt On Dashboard

What Is Electronic Throttle Control?

There are numerous warning lights for the dash and each light blinking signals the presence of a problem. It is possible to see multiple warning lights illuminated on the dashboard simultaneously.

Why is there a red light bolt that appears on the dash of my car? If you spot this light, you need to think about a possible problem that is related to your Electronic Throttle Control (ETC).

This feature is not present in old vehicles where you utilize cables that connects the accelerator to the throttle. The throttle will open depending on the pressure that the driver puts to the pedal.

But, this technique is believed to result in excessive consumption of fuel.

That’s the reason why the ETC system began to become used in cars of the modern era in the early 1990s.

It features a sensor-based system that measures your input pressure and relay the data to the motor, which will then let the throttle open in accordance with your input.

What Does A Red Lightning Bolt Mean On A Car?

ETC can be described as a method that relies on sensors that maintain the connection between the throttle and gas pedal.

Sometimes, this communication may be lost, and then displayed as a problem within the system by an blue bolt that appears on your dashboard.

The symbol indicates how the components aren’t connected in the way they are supposed to be. There could be a need to restart.

What Causes The Issue Of Red Lightning Bolt On Car?

What Are To Causes Problem Of Red Lightning Bolt On Car

The defective the throttle control systemis the most likely cause of the lightning bolt that is red that appears on your dashboard.

Additionally, if you’ve an unclean throttle body, or electronic throttle control problems You are most likely to notice the red light flashing too.

Additionally, you should check your electrical circuit for problems, such as a damaged or loose connections, which might be the cause of the problem.

Faulty Sensor

One of the most frequent causes of light lightning bolt flashing that appears on your dashboardis the malfunctioning controller for the throttle.

As we’ve mentioned, because the system relies around the sensor other components may not function as well and could cause problems in the event of a malfunction.

In this instance the throttle body’s sensor is not able to inform the computer of its current location and causes malfunctioning systems.

The ECU does not know the timing ratios or ideal fuel levels to set, resulting in, lightning light on the dashboard.

Electronic Throttle Control Issue

A throttle control’s lightning bolt in red in the dashboard suggests a variety of issues.

It could be due to a problem with communication with an Engine Control Module (ECM) and, as a result, the system has difficulty regulating the engine’s speed and also allow the throttle to be opened.

Another issue is a shorted circuit at some of the sensors inputs altering the signal wires and results in the car light being replaced with an lightning bolt.

The issue with the electronics that causes the lights shining could originate from the dashboard. There’s a possibility that the dashboard can’t detect the data or has lines that cross it.

They usually need a professional examination.

Damaged Electrical System

The electrical system is damaged including wiring or grounding happening within the major circuit of the vehicle could be the reason behind the flashing light on the dashboard.

If you’re experienced in this area, you are able to check the system yourself.

You must determine the problem with your connection, damaged wires or the faulty fuse box, and repair it so that the system can get back to normal.

Make sure to turn on the radio, headlights etc. To ensure that the electrical system is working correctly.

Stuck Throttle Body

A throttle body that is stuck could be the reason you’re receiving an alert. The part could be filthy, but it’s not recommended if it causes damage or blockage to the system.

A damaged throttle body causes the car accelerate, but without the accelerator.

It is recommended to conduct a visual inspection to ensure that there isn’t any obstruction that is causing the part to open and closing as it is supposed to.

Cleaning the components regularly will help prevent issues.

What To Do With The Red Lighting Bolt?

Red Lightning Bolt On Dashboard

What To Do When The Red Lightning Symbol

If you spot the red light bolt turning on, the next thing to take is to remain at peace, stop and shut off the motor.

If you have a code scanner at your desk, you can conduct an image scan to determine the problem and then restart the vehicle.

Safely Pull Over

If you notice that lightning bolt flashing on the dashboard Don’t be alarmed. Be sure to follow all safety rules to ensure that yourself and the car be protected.

Find a safe spot to pull over and switch off your engine. It is also possible to call you mechanic repair shop for autos for assistance.

Scan The Engine

When you pull over and wait for help, you are able to examine your car using an engine code reader. It’s a straightforward auto diagnostic tool that assists you in identifying the cause of your engine warning light and other problems.

In this instance, once you’re done using your code scanner program you might require replacing your air filter, and/or ETC sensor, particularly if there is excessive stress on the accelerator.

Perform A Restart

Restarting the car is the next thing you can try to resolve the issue with lighting the bolt’s light in the dashboard. The process lasts less than 10 minutes and is as easy as following the instruction.

  • Turn the ignition switch to “on” but don’t start the car and just wait until the red warning light fade.
  • Press the accelerator until you get to the floor of your car.
  • Slowly let your foot release until it returns to its original place.
  • Switch the switch into “off” mode and restart the car.
  • The accelerator pedal again to check if it reacts and then see if the light goes out. If not, getting professional help is imperative.


Is It Safe To Drive With A Red Lightning Bolt On The Dashboard?

No. It’s not recommended to drive using the lightning bolt positioned on the dashboard. It is possible that you will have difficulty getting up to speed or see a decline in efficiency of your fuel.

The scenarios mentioned above are just a sign that you’re fortunate. It’s best to take care of the issue as quickly as you can before you have to fix the damages.

How Much Does It Cost To Troubleshoot The Problem?

The cause of your problem will determine the amount you’ll need to spend on the repair. If your car is discovered as having a problem that involves the electronic throttle, it will be necessary to replace the.

The cost of replacing varies between $300 and $1500. It can vary based the location of the shop as well as the length of time required to complete the work.


The red lightning bolt that appears on the dashboard is not cause to be concerned, but it is something you should dwell on. When the light comes on there is something wrong in the body of your throttle, or perhaps the sensor.

Be aware and execute the actions as directed to determine whether you are able to make the alert disappear. Go to a qualified professional in the event that the trick mentioned above does not work.

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