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The at-home oil change is an essential part of self-service auto maintenance. This is a proven method to cut costs and time and is a straightforward procedure that requires only a couple of tools, such as wrenches.

The time you spend underneath the car is an excellent opportunity to glance around and determine if there’s something else to observe in your vehicle aside from the exhaust.

But is the wrench size needed for the drain plug for oil, or what size socket for oil plug? Check out this article for a solution to this question.

About the Oil Drain Plug & Socket Wrench

What is a Drain Plug?

The drain plug allows liquid to be removed from the pan holding the engine oil or the tanks for engine oil.

If needed, the car owner should change the drain plug on the oil by using a tool beneath the engine and let the oil seep into the pan.

After the oil completely drains, it can slide off easily if your drain plug isn’t secure.

What is a Socket Wrench?

This tool lets you tighten or loosen fasteners such as nuts and bolts by clamping the pin’s end. The pin. It comes with an extended handle that will enable sockets of varying sizes to tighten or loosen pins of other sizes.

The Ratchet handle is an option that a few socket wrenches come with, which allows the wrench to move without lifting.

Choosing the wrench that fits the device, like a drain socket or the wrench needed for battery terminals, is essential.

The four most popular sizes of sockets comprise 1/4 inch (or 0.6 millimetres), 3/8 inches (or 0.9 centimetres), 1/2 inch (or 1.3 cm), and 3/8 inch (or 1.9 centimetres).

Furthermore, sockets are offered with sockets that have 6-points (hexagonal), eight-point sockets (double square), and 12-point sockets (double hexagon) to accommodate various sizes of bolts for oil plugs.

If you select a large socket, you risk injuring your hand and harming the tool. Additionally, specific socket wrenches feature a more pronounced profile than usual to allow for the protrusion from the socket.

what size socket for oil plug needed?

what size socket for chevy oil plug

In most cases, the typical size of the drain plug for oil is typically fourteen millimetres. This means that a three-quarter-inch socket for an oil plug dimensions is the best size for you.

It is helpful to pick the correct socket wrench before beginning the oil change task for your vehicle.

This is because you need to remove the drain plug for oil using an extension wrench to drain that old fuel from the engine. Start the engine to warm the engine.

The oil will be less viscous, allowing for a smoother and quicker draining. After that, shut off the engine. Turn the handbrake, then put the jack stand underneath the vehicle.

The drain plug could be found under the vehicle and could be warm from the engine’s heat.

The oil pan’s nut is to be rotated counterclockwise when you insert the socket wrench 3/8-inch into the socket.

The drain plug must be simple to remove to let the engine oil drain out. Put a bucket and newspaper beneath the engine to collect any oil leaks.

We suggest replacing the seal to cover your vehicle’s drain plug for a better oil change and more efficient use.

But they’ll be able to deflate a little when you press to close and open your drain.


Do Oil Drain Plugs Universal?

It’s not, as it’s got an incline of thread.

While there are the most common sizes, there are no drain plug sizes you could apply to most sizes.

Because the pins can be reused often and are reused often, there is no reason for auto repair shops to change them. Gaskets and sealing rings are only disposable components.

How Do I Deal With a Loose Oil Drain Plug?

A loose oil drain plug can be even more hazardous than driving with no cap on the oil. If not handled, it could lead to an oil spill, damaging your vehicle.

To fix the problem quickly to fix the problem, you can join the threads of the drain plug as well as its opening and both sides of the gasket.

You could also try the JB Soldering method using a Weld. If you do, then immediately buy the drain plug in replacement.

When Should the Oil Drain Plug be Replaced?

Plugs used in modern vehicles that are lead-free will last approximately 100,000 miles. However, read the owner’s manual since this figure can differ.

According to experts, the drain plug needs to be replaced after the two changes in oil. It can become loose or expire in the event of continuous use, resulting in more problems for you.

Drain plugs for oil are durable and designed to last several years, but when they become loose and leak, you’ll need to replace one as soon as possible.

However, it’s not safe for your vehicle when you replace your drain plugs more frequently than is necessary.

While it won’t harm your engine, you’ll waste resources, time and cash. Be aware of the negative environmental impact of getting rid of used oil on the environment.

What is the cost of a new Oil Drain Plug Replacement?

Drain plugs for oil typically cost between $500 and 400, largely dependent on the location where they were purchased. The price of the item is affordable. However, the labour cost of replacing it is expensive.

A drain plug for oil purchased from an aftermarket can cost anything from $6 to $80. Many factors, including the kind, colour, appearance, finish, name, and other components, can influence the price.

Depending on local costs, your labour costs may rise between $70 and $100.


So, which wrench is the best size for drain plugs for oil?

The complete instructions for effectively changing the oil in your vehicle and the size socket you need for an oil change are provided above.

The entire process should take at most 30 minutes after you’ve changed your oil several times and are acquainted with the specifics of your car.

Instead of taking your car to a mechanic, save time and money by doing it at home.

When you’re comfortable doing the simple task of changing your oil, the other maintenance tasks get more accessible.

If you want to learn the latest information about auto issues, check out our website!

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