Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid-Ultimate guide

Wheel bearings ensure the alignment of the wheels. This is crucial for the safety of your vehicle. Serious accidents could quickly happen if the bearings aren’t in good condition. Wheel bearings are also responsible for ensuring that the wheels are in a smooth motion to ensure quiet operation.

Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid Many bad bearings are available on the market, which must be avoided. There are also better alternatives to those. Which one should you choose and which to steer clear of?

In this piece, I’ve done the necessary research to help you. Read the article to the end to discover the details about a couple of the top wheel-bearing brands to prevent investment loss.

Do Wheel Bearing Brands Matter?

There are two options to tackle this issue. The first one is, is having a brand that is well-known essential? The second, is it significant over a brand that is not named?

If you want to answer the answer, say “yes.” Bearings that are not named tend to bend effortlessly. They also make noises when you drive some distances over 30K.

Many believe it’s different from the critical model but how it’s installed. Additionally, particular brands of bearings are compatible with certain cars. For instance, OEM bearings for VW as well as FAG bearings for Audi.

Which Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid?

Beware of poor-quality manufacturers. Cheap bearings are a sign of lousy manufacturing. They are often fake, also!

The following list identifies bad-quality wheel bearing brands. The following list is a summary of these brands:

  1. Timken The brand is described as among the most significant brands ever. In reality, however, the opposite is true! It’s a shame to find many sites listing it among the top brands. I’m not saying they aren’t, but they make high-end items. They can also produce some of the most dangerous products. For instance, they make the Timken HA590036, which can be the most unfavorable product they have created. It is a defective heating issue. It causes issues with its ABS sensor.
  2. “Rolltec”: The Bearings wear out rapidly and at meager miles. The reason is that Chinese inventors currently own the company. Therefore, the quality of the product is affected. It was the first brand created in Sweden. There are warranty issues also. Also, you’ll need to replace the bearings since they’re not durable for very long.
  3. MOOGThis version, like Timken, also has a great image, most likely due to being active for over one century. They’re proud to be one of the top producers of wheel bearings globally. However, like Timken, some of their bearings fail. For example, consider they have the MOOG 513179 and their MOOG 512518 bearings. It is recommended to read some customer reviews from the websites where you purchase bearings. They are not able to provide performance in extreme temperatures. They will last for up to 5 months.
  4. DormanLike MOOG, they make wheel bearings for over 100 years. The model Dorman 9500-001 is an enormous failure in their business. The model is built below average. It begins to lose its elasticity around eight months.
  5. Although these bearings are manufactured in the USA, they are of poor quality. They are of poor quality, resulting in bearings that fail early. You can hear a rumbling as you turn the wheel and shift the car’s velocity or direction. It is costly. Moreover, the rare hub-bearing assemblies can be even more problematic. A particular model, called the WJB WA512326, is odd.
  6. EGT: The company manufactures automobile components for vehicles, buses, and other vehicles. They often need help with their bearings. The construction is usually thin or even thick.
  7. GSP These are among the manufacturers in China. They manufacture cheap and low-quality wheel bearings. They’re short-lasting.
  8. Detroit Axle: They are of low quality and will tear exceptionally quickly. They’ll be gone in 4 months. While they can be used with various cars, they need more.

Best Alternatives To The Avoidable Wheel Bearing Brands

Below are alternatives to the brands listed in the previous paragraph:

  1. Good Quality, Good Price Brands: FAG, NTN, SKF, NSK, SNR Ruville, BTA, etc. They’re durable and offer excellent performance even at high temperatures. They don’t wear out quickly and will last for years.
  2. AM Autoparts These are affordable automotive accessories. They’re safe, and they’re durable. It comes with a 10-year guarantee.
  3. Mac Auto Parts: The company manufactures more than ball bearings. They manufacture other parts for cars, too. Discounted prices are the bonus. They produce high-end, durable items. It is also simple to install.

Other manufacturers have high quality. This includes Optimal, PEX, OE VW, and many more. FAG utilizes the same material which OE utilizes for its wheel bearings. They are excellent when used with MKIVs.

Which One is the Best?

FAG is the most reliable producer of industrial bearings. The bearings they make are top-quality available. They will last for as long as 50K miles without any problem. If you purchase Timken bearings (good ones), you can expect them to last for 1,00,000 miles without a problem.

Are Chinese Wheel Bearings Any Good?

Posts on the blogosphere and the internet have been regarding Chinese wheel bearings. What’s the matter?

Chinese counterfeits are readily available on the market at low costs. In addition to fakes, the majority of Chinese items are dangerous.

If you spot FHRC KOR marks, You should stay clear of them. These are inexpensive metals. The needle roller holders wear out very quickly as well. They are gone within only a couple of kilometers.

Beware of brands such as ABS, AIC, EGT, GSP, Rolltec, Vaico, Febi Bilstein, Topran, etc.

When Should You Change The Wheel Bearings?

Generally, average quality wheel bearings must be replaced between 25K and 30K miles. For sealed wheel bearings and hubs, between 85K and 100K miles would be the standard time to change the bearings.

Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid


How often should I replace my wheel bearings?

A: The lifespan of wheel bearings varies depending on driving conditions, the quality of the bearings, and vehicle type. Generally, they should be inspected with every tire change and replaced as needed.

Can I install aftermarket wheel bearings or stick with OEM parts?

A: Many aftermarket brands provide quality equal to or exceeding OEM parts at a better price. Just ensure the aftermarket bearings are from a reputable brand.

What could happen if I don’t replace the failing wheel bearings?

A: Failing to replace worn-out wheel bearings can lead to tire damage, reduced braking efficiency, and even cause the wheel to seize up or come off the vehicle, which can be extremely dangerous.

Remember, when selecting wheel bearings, choose quality and reliability over cost savings. It’s about safety, not just about saving a few dollars.

Final Words

While more brands have bad reputations than good ones, this approach is better! It’s because it’s simple to select from these companies.

Specific models will be listed if you type in these names online. These are those that have the best ratings.

The last thing I want to say is to save money regarding bearings. Don’t compromise quality.

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