Technical Information and Comparison with 96r car battery Alternative

As a vehicle owner, You should be aware of the 96R battery. These batteries are suitable for storing charges. The 96R batteries provide a great quantity of starting power.

Eventually, you can begin your vehicle or car even in the coldest weather. If you’re searching for a smaller, high-performance battery, consider a 96R battery.

It is possible to replace the 96R batteries at one moment or another. In this case, you could think about 96r car battery alternative, Let’s look at some commonly used alternatives to 96R car batteries.

Which vehicles use the battery 96R? 

You will see several cars with the 996R battery. Numerous well-known models from brands such as Chevrolet and Ford utilize this battery. It is recommended that you speak with your mechanic or manufacturer if you need clarification on the type of battery you need to use.

You’d generally require a 96R battery if you own a powerful engine. They allow your vehicle to operate smoothly and without any issues.

If you’re searching for a powerful battery with balanced performance and power, you must choose 96R batteries.

96r Car Battery Alternative:

When shopping for batteries, look at the durability, warranty, cost and the newness of the battery (in case you are shopping for second-hand batteries). Below is the information regarding this and the alternatives I will provide.

I will only mention the ones I found best according to my research. These batteries are better than those from Advance Auto, Walmart or AutoZone. Here are the alternatives:

Optima Red 35

This is the most popular alternative. You may have already noticed whenever you search for 96R battery alternatives. So, let me make this short.

These pure lead batteries are very long-lasting and, therefore, expensive. It has 720 CCA.

Its reserve capacity at 25 Amps is 90 minutes, which means 37.5 Amperhours. They have a warranty of 12-36 months. The batteries last up to 3-4 years.

Odyssey PC1200MJT

This lead-acid AGM is capacitated to 12 volts. It has a dimension of 7.87 L x 6.66 H x 6.8 W (inches). And weighs around 38.2 lbs. Its CCA is supposed to be 590.

The speciality of this battery? Good performance in a lightweight box! They last long and are worth the money.

They have 45 Amperhours, which means 108 minutes, calculated at 25 Amps. They offer a three-year warranty for non-commercial use.


The 96R Durcell is an Ultra Flooded battery from Sam’s Club with a CCA 600 and 90 Reserve Minutes. East Penn makes them.

This battery was meant to last a long time. It is pricey. However, the warranty conditions could be more attractive.


The 96R group of batteries by Bosch are 590 CCA. They come with 95 minutes reserve capacity. They are super lightweight, with just 10.4 lbs weight.

The dimensions measure 12.2 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches. They are built to be 50% more lasting than other batteries.

But like Duracell, the warranty is of 4-years. Bosch and Duracell have somewhat similar performance ranges.

BCI Group 96R Battery Features and Specifications

BCI Group 96R Batteries feature physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 9 1/2 x 6 7/8 x 6 7/8 inches (9.5 x 6.9375 x 6.9375 inches, 242 x 175 x 175 mm) with the positive terminal on the right side of the battery.

Since they are mainly used as car batteries, group 96R batteries are designed as lead-acid, wet/flooded starting batteries that can provide powerful currents for a short period but should not be used for deep cycle applications.

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular group 96R batteries with their most important features and specifications:

ModelBattery Type
Cell Type
Capacity (Ah)
RC (min)
Weight (lbs/kg)
Centennial 96RStarting

Deka 96RStarting

34 lbs; 15.4 kg
Duracell 96RStarting

Duralast 96R-DLGStarting

30.34 lbs; 13.8 kg
EverStart 96RStarting

36.8 lbs; 16.7 kg
Interstate 60-96RStarting

Interstate M-96RStarting

Interstate MTP-96R-1Starting

Motorcraft BXT-96R-590Starting

31.7 lbs; 14.4 kg
MotoMaster 96RStarting

Odyssey ODP-AGM96R (96R-600)Dual Purpose
40.4 lbs; 18.3 kg
Valucraft 96R-VLStarting

32.64 lbs; 14.8 kg

The Best Alternative?

The best alternative, according to the features from my research, would be the 2010 Ford Fusion because it delivers maximum performance at a somewhat affordable price.

However, the Optima Red has been popularly selected over any other battery.

But if that’s too expensive for you, the best bet will be Bosch. They have optimum performance and are the most affordable of the bunch.

And although the Odyssey 96R battery is the most expensive of the bunch, I suggest it to those who are a bit adventurous. And they are relentlessly pursuing performance (also, you guys can afford the price!)

What Happens If I Use The Wrong 96R Battery Size?

Here are the issues you will see for a wrong battery size:

1. Your battery is a misfit for the vehicle. Therefore, you will have fitting issues.

2. There will be damage to the alternator. That means the alternator will frequently fail.

3. Lack of energy from the battery. This occurs via the alternator damage.

4. You will see more frequent short circuits in your vehicle.

Moreover, you will have to do a lot of damage control and pay for the repair costs.

Charger-Adapter Issues With The Alternative Batteries?

One of the main issues when using battery alternatives is that the charger adapter needs to be of the proper voltage. This supports interrupted charging or slow charging. Often resulting in the damage of the adapters.

But the suggested alternatives will not show the problem. This is because all of them have the same volts. So you will need the same volt charger for them. So remember that the voltage matters in the case of charger adapters.

How to Get 24 Volts from 12V of a 96R Battery Group

If you need 24 Volts, you can connect two group 96R batteries in series to double the voltage. The voltage of a series connection is equal to the sum of the voltages of all its batteries. If one 12V lead-acid battery is connected to another 12V lead-acid battery, you have a 24V total power output. Each battery must be fully charged and completely isolated from the other before joining them in series, or there will be damage to at least one of them.

increasing a Capacity of 96R Batteries with a Parallel Connection

Connect batteries in parallel if you need to increase current capacity and reduce charging time. When group 96R batteries are in parallel, their voltage is equal to the voltage of one battery, while current capacity equals the sum of all its battery capacities. If you connect two 12V lead-acid batteries with 60 Ah capacity in parallel, you’ll get 12 Volts with 120 Ah.

Group 96R Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions about Group 96R and similar batteries.

What size is a 96R battery?

Group 96R batteries feature physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 9 1/2 x 6 7/8 x 6 7/8 inches (9.5 x 6.875 x 6.875 inches, 242 x 175 x 175 mm). Also, they feature the positive terminal on the right side of the battery.

What battery is the same as 96R?

Some batteries are “the same” as 96R batteries.

However, some batteries are similar in dimensions. Still, they also may differ in terminal orientation and type, base hold-down type, lifting edge, and other “little” but sometimes essential details.

Generally, Group 90 (T5) batteries feature very similar (the same) dimensions.

Can I use a different group-size battery?

Replacing an old battery featuring one battery group with a new battery featuring another is not recommended.

But, if required, consider Group 90 (group T5) batteries. Also, if You have more space, feel Group 97R (H6), which is slightly longer and higher.

Does battery size make a difference?

Of course. Larger batteries feature higher capacity and better discharge performances, especially CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). However, larger batteries may have issues fitting the battery compartment intended for a smaller battery.

Smaller batteries may require an additional spacer to fit correctly into the larger compartment. Also, it is questionable whether the smaller battery is strong enough to provide the same or better discharge performance than the old one.

How long does a 96R battery last?

It all depends on the use, maintenance, and weather. Batteries exposed to extreme heat and cold are forced to work harder. Also, batteries used in Stop&Go systems are under significant load.

So, on average, an excellent 96R battery should last at least two years, but under “normal” conditions, it should endure 3-5 years.

Are Ford car batteries any good?

Ford and other brands are sensitive to their reputation, regardless of whether they sell cars, trucks, or “just” batteries.

Regardless of which battery you are looking to buy, check the reviews of previous users.

Final Words

96R batteries are one of the essential parts. You need them to run your car, truck or van. But make sure you are getting the proper size. Otherwise, they will harm your alternator and eventually cause more damage.

Keep an alternative battery at hand for long road trips. And about choosing the battery? It depends on your demands. This article gives you the information that helps you decide which 96R battery you will purchase.

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