What is p1670 code 7.3 powerstroke -Ultimate guide to fix it.

Ford 7.3L Powerstroke tells users about engine problems via DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). The p1670 code 7.3 powerstroke is just one of the troublesome codes.

If you’re experiencing the DTC P1670 and need to know what it is, This article is perfect for you. I’ve covered everything in the article, from the symptoms to the solution.

What does the p1670 code 7.3 powerstroke.

P1670 is among the diagnostic codes associated with the Ford 7.3L engine. According to the definition, the error code P1670 refers to an electronic feedback (EF) signal that is not detected.

The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) communicates with the IDM (Injector Driver Module) via EF or Electric Feedback. If the PCM cannot connect to the IDM, it will generate the P1670 DTC.

The communication between PCM and IDM is crucial for many functions. If you’re not connected, there are various issues, and I’ll go over them in the section on symptoms.

What are the symptoms of getting the P1670 Code on a 7.3

Like all DTCs, the troublecode P1670 is accompanied by several apparent symptoms. You may be experiencing an error message if you experience these signs:

  • The Service Engine Warning Light On
  • Irregular RPM (RPM)
  • The engine won’t start at All

You could see a handful of symptoms if receiving the error code P1670.

The Causes of Error Code P1670

Various reasons could cause the error code P1670, and unfortunately, there isn’t anything to prevent it. Most of the factors that cause it are connected with the IDM, which includes:

  1. Damaged Injector Driver Module Relay
  2. Injector Shorted or Open Driver Module allows Circuit
  3. In short or open within the Electric Feedback Circuit
  4. The Short Version or the Open version in the FDCS (Fuel Delivery Command Signal) Circuit
  5. Long or Wide Fuses
  6. Damaged Injector Driver Module

Although I’ve only listed six causes, Be wary when you only get some of them in one go. One of them could be enough to trigger the P1670 error code.

How serious is Code P1670 In 7.3L Powerstroke?

It’s the RPM (also known as the Revolutions Per Minute) tells you the speed at which you are. If you’re experiencing unsteady RPM, this signal could affect the engine.

This is why you shouldn’t put your money on the engine’s ability to ignore P1670 as an error. Read the following section to learn how to repair P1670 for a 7.3L Powerstroke.

P1670 Error Code on 7.3L Powerstroke

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How do you solve the P1670 Error Code on 7.3L Powerstroke?

Be sure you have the right equipment for the model of your engine. You’ll need to open wirings, connectors, and even the IDM to fix this error.

Assuming you’re prepared with the toolkit, we’ll start by examining the troubleshooting methods:

Replacing IDM Relay & Fuses

A relay is a device that automatizes connections between two parts. They function as a switch in the electrical circuit that operates independently. Examine the IDM relays. They may be defective. If this is the case, replace them with brand-new relays.

Automotive fuses are self-destructing safeguards for wirings and connectors in automobiles. Your Ford 7.3 may have experienced an over-current issue, which caused damage to the fuse. Replace the fuse, and the error code will be resolved.

Clean and replace all wires

Inside, you’ll discover various connectors and wirings connected to the Injector Driver Module (IDM). If you notice any issues, take them off and change the connectors.

Usually, the code P1670 can be traced to short wires. Because they’re cheap and easy to replace, you can easily replace every wire and connector.

Perform KOEO Self-Test for Other Codes

You may have additional IDM codes other than P1670. Do a KOEO (Key on Engine Off) Self-Test or a Buzz test to determine if you have more regulations.

If you’re experiencing more errors from your IDM, seek out a professional to resolve the issue. There are times when IDM troubles can result in malfunctioning PCMs, too. It’s not a good idea to take the risk.

Make sure you replace the IDM.

The best solution to P1670’s error message P1670 will be replacing the IDM. If you encounter the DTC P1298 following the KOEO Self-Testing, replace the IDM if it is a defective IDM.

Even if you don’t have codes other than P1670, it could still use the IDM even if none of the methods mentioned work.

What Is The Cost to resolve the error code P1670?

The price will depend on how many parts you must replace to resolve this error message P1670. To help you understand the issue, here’s the cost list of possible replacements:

  • Automotive Fuses from $110-$140
  • IDM Relays: $30 Each
  • IDM: $250-$400. $400

It is possible to add the cost of labour, which is between $75 and 150 dollars per hour, if you want to keep the error code the same.

Common blunders when solving the P1670 Code

There is a chance to make errors while solving P1670. But it would help if you double-checked the common mistakes listed below:

  • Doing Not Check the Wirings Before Replacing the IDM
  • Doing Not Run KOEO Self-Test to help diagnose the problem

Other Comments to Consider Concerning the P1670 Code

You might not notice any signs other than the active engine light. But that doesn’t mean you must disregard this error code. Ignoring it could cause more significant issues for both you (financially) and your engine.


What is the code P1670 on a 7.3 Powerstroke?

The P1670 is an OBD-II hassle code particular to vehicles which have an Exhaust Back Pressure Regulator (EBPR). In a 7.Three Powerstroke, this code regularly signals a communication errors among the Engine Control Module (ECM) and the Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM).

What are the common symptoms of the P1670 code?

Symptoms may consist of decreased fuel efficiency, issues in beginning the engine, difficult idling, or the engine stalling whilst driving. In many cases, the look at engine mild will also be illuminated.d.

How can the P1670 code be fixed on a 7.3 Powerstroke?

The most common fix is to test and restore the wiring and connectors between the ECM and FICM. In some cases, cleaning or replacing the EBPR can also remedy the difficulty. You usually have to visit a skilled

Can I drive my vehicle with the P1670 code?

While the vehicle may also run with the P1670 code, it is not endorsed to ignore this fault. It should lead to reduced performance and viable damage to different components. Seek immediate help from a professional mechanic.

Will a P1670 code clear on its own?

The P1670 code will no longer clean on its own and generally requires a guide reset with a specialized test device after the underlying problem has been addressed.


This article has been informative enough to help you understand the error code in detail. Now, you know the probable symptoms and causes of the error code P1670.

P1670 is user-friendly. This means that anyone can find the solution to this code. But feel free to seek help from a professional if you’re having trouble solving by yourself.

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