What Is p1247 code 7.3 powerstroke: Guide To Fix?

Ford 7.3L engine alerts users about problems with the machine through diagnostic trouble codes, also known as DTCs. For instance, the p1247 code 7.3 Powerstroke is among them, and it’s a complicated code to figure out.

If you’re encountering an error message like P1247 and need to know what this means, This article is perfect for you. From symptoms to methods for solving, I’ve explained all aspects within this post.

What Does p1247 code 7.3 powerstroke?

P1247 is among the error codes for Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. According to the definition, DTC P1247 refers to turbo Boost pressure low.

The turbocharger allows your engine to attain more power than the standard limit. Increasing engine performance depends on the amount of pressure (airflow) this turbocharger will generate in the motor.

Ford 7.3L uses the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor to measure the airflow in the engine. If the MAP sensor detects an absence of pressure, it alerts the engine control module to generate a P1247 signal.

Symptoms Of Getting The P1247 Code On A 7.3

As with every diagnostic code, P1247 codes also have some visible symptoms. The symptoms listed below are so significant that they’re hard to miss:

  • CEL (Check Engine Light) is Active
  • Shaky & Rough Driving Experience
  • Losing Power Daily

In short, you won’t be happy with your vehicle in the future if you are a victim of this error.

The Causing Factors Of The Error Code P1247

There are a variety of reasons that could lead your truck to error code P1247. Here are a few causes of P1247. DTC P1247:

  1. Damaged Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Hose
  2. Crossover Tube or Air Intake Manifold Hose Leaks
  3. Faulty Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
  4. Low Turbo Boost Pressure
  5. Faulty PCM (Powertrain Control Module)

Of the five possible causes, the fifth occurs only in rare instances. Don’t consider this code lightly if you’re receiving this error message for defective wiring.

How Seriousness Is Code P1247 On 7.3L Powerstroke?

Although this code isn’t likely to break your engine immediately, that does not mean you shouldn’t ignore the code. If you remove this code and don’t solve it correctly, you’ll likely see this error again after 20-30 miles.

Please don’t make your long journeys a nightmare with this code, as it can ultimately affect your driving experience. It would help if you read the following section to find out how to troubleshoot this error message.

How do you solve the P1247 Error Code on 7.3L Powerstroke?

It is expected to check and replace some of the components in your engine. But, ensure you are equipped with the right tools before going to the solution.

Assuming you’ve got the equipment, Let’s begin with the most well-known troubleshooting strategies for DTC 1247.

Check Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Hose

Check out the MAP sensor’s water hose. If you see cracks or damages, they display the error code.

There are MAP sensor hoses at a lower price, about $20. Replace damaged fittings and see whether the error code is visible after a short driving period.

Check Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

After inspecting the MAP Sensor hose, it’s time to examine the MAP sensor itself. The MAP sensor measures airflow and transmits data directly to PCM.

Your MAP sensor could be defective and send incorrect data to the PCM. The MAP sensor is priced at approximately $130. However, seeking professional assistance to repair it could be necessary.

Check Air Intake Manifolds

Examining the intake manifolds is a good idea since the MAP sensor can be found there. When you reach the intake manifolds and check them, look for leaks, obstructions, and misrouting.

Be aware of any contamination of the intake manifolds. Replacing them immediately if you spot any issues during the inspection is essential.

Check the Powertrain Control Module

You should look into the PCM to see if the above methods did not resolve the error code. A malfunctioning PCM could produce any error code, and the P1247 is just one of them.

Expert advice is required when upgrading your PCM. But it’s best to let an expert technician examine your engine before making any decisions.

Check the Fuel Injector 

the fuel injectors on the 7.3 Powerstroke engine are responsible for delivering the right amount of fuel to the engine’s cylinders for the desired power output.

If one or more of these injectors do not work as required, the engine might self-diagnose and trigger the P1247 code.

A fuel injector may be getting stuck when you open it, experiencing coking of the injection valves, or having other problems. You’ll have to diagnose and fix it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The Error Code P1247

p1247 Error Code On 7.3 Powerstroke

Depending on the parts you are replacing, the cost could be $20-$500 or more to resolve the P1247 error code.

Let me break down the costs for you so you can quickly calculate:

  • Replacement Of MAP Sensor Hoses Costs $20
  • Replacement of MAP Sensors Costs $130 and over
  • Replacement of Manifolds For Air Intake Costs $80 and above
  • The replacement of PCM is $500 or more

You’ll be charged over $150 to $75 per hour for the replacement at any auto repair shop.

Common Mistakes While Solving The P1247 Code

There are a lot of mistakes you’ll make in determining an error. But, it would help if you were careful to avoid the common errors that are listed below:

  • Not Reading Technical Bulletin Of The Specific Model Thoroughly
  • Not Checking Other Possible Causing Factors Before Inspecting PCM

You’ll stand out from others if you consider these common errors while fixing the problem.

Additional Comments To Consider Regarding The P1247 Code

The DTC P1247 is a complex code to resolve for general users. Why? Because it involves checking various wires and hoses connected with the absolute pressure manifold.

Be bold and ask for professional advice to avoid spending the massive cost of an auto repair store (initially). If they recommend anything costly, take it for the benefit of your vehicle.


What does the P1247 code mean in a 7.3 Powerstroke?

The P1247 code in a 7.3 Three Powerstroke is related to low enhance. It indicates that the turbocharger enhance stress is low, doubtlessly because of a leak or blockage inside the tool.

What are the symptoms of a P1247 code in a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Common symptoms and symptoms include a decrease in engine power, horrific acceleration, immoderate smoke from the exhaust, and in some instances, an illuminated take a look at engine moderate.

What can cause the P1247 code in a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Causes can encompass a leak in the consumption or exhaust system, a faulty turbocharger, a clogged intercooler, or a malfunctioning MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor.

How can I fix the P1247 code in a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Fixes can also encompass repairing any leaks in the consumption or exhaust device, replacing a faulty turbocharger, clearing blockages within the intercooler, or changing a defective MAP senso


This article has been helpful enough to help you understand the P1247 error code in detail. You now know the signs and possible causes of this error.

The manual alone could help you avoid a variety of unexpected situations. Read the instructions in your 7.3L manual before performing any repair operation.

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