What is P00af code 6.7 cummins?(ultimate guide to fix it)

P00af code 6.7 cummins is a standard Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that most OBD-II automobiles have. Although the procedure is essential, it can differ depending upon the model, year brand models, and arrangement.

Superchargers, turbochargers, and any other forced-induction (FI) system, in general, employ engine energy (exhaust pulses, belt-driven screw-type, and so on.) to increase the quantity of air provided into the chamber of combustion (increase the volumetric effectiveness).

The letter “A” might be used to distinguish a connection circuit group, wire, or any other item. The specifications provided by the manufacturer are the best reference to determine this. If your ECM detects a problem with the boost control, it shows an engine check light (CEL) with the P00AF and related codes.

If it is discovered that the ECM (Engine Control Module) detects an “A” boost control module not functioning properly, The P00AF DTC is activated (outside of the range commonly used).

What Does P00AF Code Mean On Dodge Cummins?

The “Turbocharger/Supercharger Boost Control A Module Performance” diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P00AF stands for “Turbocharger/Supercharger Boost Control A Module Performance.” This error code is generated whenever the powertrain control module (PCM) identifies a possible fault with the boost control module.

Instead of referring to an individual component or an issue, in this case, it could be referring to a specific element or symptom. “A” in this error code could refer to a problem in a particular component of the system’s circuit.

This code is often used in modern motor vehicles with VGT or variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) technology (e.g., Cummins-powered trucks). The PCM utilizes an actuator within VGT systems to control and regulate the turbocharger’s performance and the amount of boost it provides.

Since it’s an online platform that connects with the PCM through a network of data, it is known as a “boost control module.”

If the actuator recognizes an internal problem, it alarms the PCM. The PCM will then light up the engine check light and track the code P00AF.

Symptoms Of Getting p00af code 6.7 cummins ?

The PCM uses the actuator of VGT systems to control and regulate the turbocharger’s performance and the amount of boost it provides. Cummins uses a less complicated VGT, which rotates a central shaft to expand or shrink the turbocharger.

If you are driving a vehicle that has a registered issue code P00AF, you could notice the following signs:

  • The engine light was illuminated.
  • In low-level mode, the car.
  • Power levels that are fluctuating or are deficient.
  • The turbocharger doesn’t produce enough boosts.
  • Problems with driving.

The Causing Factors Of The Error Code P00AF

The following are the possible reasons for this P00AF code:

  • The solenoid for the Boost control is not working correctly (e.g., the lever is stuck, broken, bent, etc. ).
  • Corrosion causes high resiliency (e.g., connectors pins, grounding, etc. ).
  • An issue is with your wiring (e.g., Broken, open wire shorted to the power source, or short to ground or ground, etc. ).
  • Internal issue that is related to ECM (Engine Control Module).
  • In excess, the output soot builds up in charger vanes, resulting in the levels of boost remaining in the wrong levels or at high levels.
  • The issue with the boost control system. Leaks within the exhaust pipe.

How Serious Is Code P00AF On Dodge Cummins?

Although a car can continue to operate following the P00AF code has been discovered, more stretching of the vane within the supercharger or turbocharger could result in damage to other parts like push rods and rockers.

In the end, driving a vehicle with the P00AF code active is not recommended, as you should seek professional help to identify and fix the problem before repair costs go up due to the growing damage.

How To Solve P00AF Error Code On Dodge Cummins?

Finding the P00AF problem’s root causes could be difficult, particularly when you’re not equipped with the necessary automotive repair equipment and know-how. Most of the time, seeking assistance from an expert for a precise diagnosis is the best. The steps needed to decode the code are listed here:

Step 1. Code P00AF should be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent engine damage. Because this code can trigger a myriad of potential triggers, determining the exact cause of the issue could be difficult.

It is seen in a variety of vehicles of various models and makes. It could have similar origins and symptoms as other DTCs. Since automobiles differ depending on manufacturers, the one does not provide a universal solution.

Step 2 It is crucial to know that forced induction systems produce substantial heat. They can also damage your skin when not adequately shielded and if the engine is not excellent. However, it would help if you visually located an actuator for the boost controls.

Usually, they’re attached directly to the charger, however, this isn’t always the scenario. If you find one, make sure that its operation is at par. This is important as it regulates the charging system and increases settings mechanically.

Step 3: It’s a good sign that you can shift the levers between the actuator and the charger housing. Be aware that this might not be practical on every system.

Are similar solenoids equipped with adjustable levers to assist in locating that “perfect” location? This is, of course, different widely between different manufacturers, so make sure to do research first.

Step 4 Depending on the arrangement, the module could be linked to boost controls. Let’s say that you are an entire group. If that’s the case, ensure that there is evidence that water has not intruded. Any proof of corrosive environments or the assembly (or, in the case of a feasible solution, just the module) should be replaced.

Pay attention to the harnesses that connect to the control unit for boost. They can be channeled directly direction to a potentially dangerous amount of heat. Most of the damage caused by heat will be detected early in examination procedures.

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The Error Code P00AF?

The cost could range between $150 and $1,800. You can expect to pay about $1500 to replace the turbocharger. If it turns out that it’s a problem in the vane, it will cost between $100 and $150.

The problem with the connection could cost you anywhere between $100 and $200.

Common Mistakes While Solving The P00AF Code

These are some of the frequently occurring mistakes made by technicians when solving the P00AF OBD-II code issue:

  • Inadequately inspecting the turbocharger or supercharger’s mechanical repair work.
  • Inability to verify Failure to validate P00AF OBD Error code.
  • After repairs are completed following repairs, repair work is incomplete; the P00AF error code remains eliminated.

Additional Comments To Consider Regarding The P00AF Code

VGTs first appeared in the 2000s’ early 2000s. The earliest VGTs were controlled instantly through the ECM/PCM. The VGT in Duramax and Powerstroke engines is almost iden, tical, and has a distinct oil piston that regulates the vanes by using the pressure of the engine’s oil.

When the exhaust van turns, the turbo spins faster; however, it functions as a shorter turbo. When the vanes are released, the turbochargers move slowly but serve as larger turbochargers.

Cummins utilizes a more basic type of VGT that turns the central shaft to change the dimensions of the turbocharger.

The latest VGT-equipped engines have a particular VGT module that controls the turbocharger design based on the CAN bus connection to the PCM/ECM.

FAQs for P00AF Code 6.7 Cummins

What does P00AF code mean on a 6.7 Cummins engine?

P00AF code is an error message indicating a problem with the turbocharger or supercharger boost control module performance. This means that the turbocharger is not creating the expected boost level.

What are the symptoms of a P00AF code?

Symptoms may include lack of power when accelerating, slower turbo spool, poor fuel economy, and the Check Engine Light illuminating.

What could cause a P00AF code in a 6.7 Cummins engine?

The code can be triggered by several issues ranging from a faulty turbocharger, a clogged air filter, to wiring problems in the boost control circuit.

How can I fix a P00AF error on my 6.7 Cummins engine?

Fixing this error may require cleaning or replacing the air filter, repairing the wiring or connectors in the boost control circuit, or in some severe cases, replacing the turbocharger.

Is it safe to drive my vehicle with a P00AF code?

While your vehicle may still be operable with a P00AF code, it’s recommended to address the issue as soon as possible. Continued driving with this issue could potentially lead to further engine damage.

Turbocharger Supercharger Boost Control


The magnitude of a P00AF code can range from minor to severe. An issue with your vehicle’s forced ignition system can cause severe damage to the engine’s components. When you encounter this error message, it’s recommended that you take your car to the attention of an expert.

Our discussion today has given you the knowledge you require. In the case of the P00AF code of a Dodge Cummins, it was the only thing needed.

Care for the problem and work to fix it as quickly as possible. Follow my recommendations and, if necessary, get help from a professional

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