Symptoms Of A Bad MSD Ignition Box-Ultimate guide

The¬†Symptoms Of A Bad MSD Ignition Box¬†below will inform you whether it’s the cause behind your car’s malfunctions.

The MSD ignition box sends an electric spark into the start system.

It’s crucial to keep an eye out for any indications of a malfunctioning MSD box, as they could significantly affect the efficiency of your car.

There are a few key signs to be aware of when the MSD component isn’t functioning correctly or failing. We will go over every one of the obvious signs in this article.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad MSD Ignition Box?

Symptoms Of A Bad MSD Ignition Box

The short answer is that MSD ignition boxes are an electronic system that regulates the strength, duration, and ignition timing of a car’s spark plugs.

They are typically used in high-powered engines and general engine performance improvement by increasing the intensity of sparks. The typical signs of a damaged or malfunctioning MSD ignition box are below.

MSD 6al No Spark

If a malfunction occurs within an MSD box, for example, an electrical link that isn’t working properly or a short circuit or incorrect wiring, The car engine may not have the spark it needs, backfire, or stumble.

To start the car, the ignition spark in the system must be activated exactly before shutting the valve for intake. Additionally, it must occur after opening an exhaust valve.

If the timing of the spark changes more or less than the timing it’s considered to be, there is no spark, which results in backfiring or stumbling.

Engine May Stall, Runs Bad & Smells Bad

One of the most common signs of a malfunctioning or damaged MSD ignition device is drastically diminished performance.

Also, it creates an unpleasant smell. If your engine starts to stop frequently, it’s an ideal time to consider an MSD ignition box. MSD ignition system.

Other major part failures could result in stalling, decreased performance, and a smoky smell coming from your engine’s compartment.

Be aware that a faulty or damaged circuit box could block the signal. This can make the engine stop and then not perform as it should.

MSD 6al No Power To Coil To Start Engine

An indication that an MSD circuit or ignition requires repair is the issue with ignition. It could be due to the fault of the coil. The car engine can take some time to start and run.

Particularly particularly, the car doesn’t work in any way. This is an obvious sign of a malfunctioning ignition. Since the ignition cannot send the proper operation signal, your engine cannot begin normally.

You’ll notice that there is no spark when you are cranking. Sometimes, drivers can hear the normal sounds of the engine. The car’s engine is running normally, but it isn’t running or starts too slow.

Ignition Key Doesn’t Turn

If the ignition switch does not turn on, it’s an issue with the ignition system or the box preventing it from switching on.

Check to see whether the lock is locked. If the lock is disengaged, you want to move the wheel forward and back to confront it.

Dashboard Lights Are Flickering, and no Starter Sound.

In addition, the absence of a starter sound is a further indication. The beginning of humming or a small sound is common for any car.

If you hear the starter’s unusual sound, this could be a sign of an ignition issue.

Most people assume that the battery or switch is damaged. Some believe that the battery does not have enough voltage.

If you find no problem with the battery, it indicates that the issue is attributable to MSD ignition. in MSD ignition.

Poor Acceleration

A malfunctioning MSD ignition system could cause insufficient car acceleration. It occurs when the timing of the spark isn’t working correctly, which can result in power loss.

This means that you’ll be unable to increase the speed of it is difficult to accelerate your car.

Reduced Fuel Economy

It is recommended to consider your options for the MSD ignition box whenever you see an increase in fuel consumption.

Because of poor timing for ignition, A malfunctioning MSD ignition system could decrease fuel efficiency and cause the engine not to operate efficiently.

Check Engine Light

A checklight will turn on if an MSD box sends incorrect signaling to the ECU ( engine control unit).

If you notice that your car is moving along with blinking lights on the dashboard, it is obvious that there is a problem with your ignition mechanism. It could be due to numerous issues, such as an ignition system that is not working properly.

Causes Of A Bad MSD Ignition Box

Why Is a Bad MSD Ignition Box

There are a variety of reasons that can trigger malfunctioning MSD beginning boxes. Below are the most frequent ones.

Wear and age

MSD ignition devices, like all other electrical components, have a limited lifespan. They’ll become less efficient over time. Internal components may break with time, resulting in malfunctions.


Due to the huge power that MSD ignition boxes can handle, they may overheat. If the box gets too hot, internal parts may fail, resulting in unintended ignition timing.


Moisture could cause the elements of the ignition box to corrode and cause water damage, which can cause the formation of a short circuit. This is especially true in humid conditions or insecure locations.

Wiring Issues

Internal problems related to the MSD unit could be faulty connections or wiring.

Issues with the MSD device could be due to faulty connections or wiring that is not working properly.

If the wire is not properly connected, it could be loose or separated, which could cause a mismatch in the ignition timing.

Variation irregularities

MSD ignition requires a constant power source to function correctly. Any deviations in voltage spikes or decreases could cause the ignition device to behave improperly or even fail.

Improper installation

A poor installation could result in a faulty MSD ignition device. If it’s not properly installed, it could result in overheating, wiring issues, and other problems.

How To Test MSD 6al Box

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, examining your body to determine the root source is important. Fortunately, there are simple methods to identify the issue causing MSD ignition. MSD ignition.

Below will demonstrate the steps to try an MSD 6-al device.

Inspect The White Wire Trigger

Before starting the examination, be sure that the switch for starting is off. It is important to remove the ignition coil cable. It should be pulled out of the distributor cap. Afterward, you install the coil’s terminal.

The terminal should be about 1 inch to the floor. Then, disconnect your white cable from points for ignition distributors or amplifiers. After that, you switch off the ignition.

Then, attach the white wire to the ground several times to check if you can detect an ignition spark from the system each time you touch it.

If you spot sparks, your ignition is working correctly.

Inspect All The Wirings

If the above solution doesn’t show any spark, it is important to check the entire wiring to find any loose or damaged connections and then repair them. It could be due to the coil. If so, replace the coil with a new one and test it again.

If this does not resolve the issue, look into your MSD wiring. Be aware of the red wire. When the start key is turned on, determine if the wire is energized to 12 Volts.

If it shows lower than 12, replace it with the 12-volt power supply and test again.

Inspect To See If There Is MSD Magnetic Pickup Failure

To start to begin:

  1. Switch off the switch.
  2. Following that, disconnect the coil wire and then set the terminal.
  3. Switch on the ignition after disconnecting the MSD Pickup connector.

MSD Pickup connector.

But, do not start the engine of the car.

Use a small jumper wire to join the magnetic green and violet pickup wires. The jumper wire should be removed after shortening the two wires.

When an electrical short is removed it is possible to see a spark. If you do not see any spark, check the wiring, red pickup wires, and the coil output voltage, and then replace the defective part.

Replace The MSD Ignition Box

If you cannot find the spark after completing all the tests and checks, the ignition system is damaged or damaged. There is no other option other than to repair it.

Is The Service For An MSD Ignition Expensive?

What The Cost Of Service For An MSD Ignition

Not. MSD offers repair and replacement services for all its products at extremely affordable costs.

The cost of repairing an MSD ignition can differ in proportion to the extent of damage.

MSD prices range in the range of $23.00 up to $87.50 for fixing work. The price is not inclusive of the cost of delivery and tax.

How Often Should You Inspect Or Service An MSD Ignition?

You’re usually required to ensure that the car’s engine is maintained and other vital parts maintained in a timely manner.

MSD ignition wires and cables could last for a period of approximately 60,000 miles working. Therefore, it is recommended to replace them at least 60000 miles.

It is recommended to consult the manual for ignition to keep proper repair and replacement schedules.

How To Do MSD Ignition Troubleshooting With Handheld Tester

symptoms of a bad msd ignition box

Troubleshooting with MSD 6al is as easy as the steps mentioned previously mentioned. If you’re looking for a better method to test the performance of the coil, ignition, or other components, MSD provides a simpler handheld tester.

The Tester has a digital display, which allows you to manage the speed. It also allows you to verify the accuracy of activating the rev limiter and other features.


What are some symptoms of a bad MSD Ignition Box?

Symptoms may also include inconsistent engine overall performance, trouble in starting the engine, misfires, a decrease in gasoline economic system, and in excessive cases, the engine might not start at all.

Can a bad Ignition Box cause my vehicle to stall?

Yes, a faulty MSD Ignition Box can potentially purpose your car to stall or have issue running smoothly.

How can I tell if my MSD Ignition Box is failing?

You may note ordinary conduct to your automobile which includes trouble starting, poor gasoline financial system, and inconsistent engine performance.

What causes an MSD Ignition Box to fail?

An Ignition Box can fail because of age, wear and tear, or electric troubles. Regular vehicle protection can assist discover capability problems early.

Can I drive my vehicle with a bad Ignition Box?

While it is able to be viable to force, it is no longer advisable as it could result in in addition harm or safety problems. It’s excellent to get it checked by using a professional if you suspect your MSD Ignition Box is horrific.


The above-described signs of a defective MSD ignition device can help you determine whether your component is malfunctioning. Follow the instructions above to select the location of the issue and repair the problem.

If you cannot find the place, go with your car to an alternative that won’t cost you much.

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