Toyota Drive Start Control Malfunction – Ultimate fix guide

Toyota Drive Start Control malfunction is a problem every Toyota driver could face.

A day later, the Toyota DSC stops working, and you’re forced to attempt to control the speed and avoid putting the accelerator pedal in the wrong direction. What is the cause of DSC issues? Let’s find the solution.

What Does Toyota Drive Start Control Malfunction Mean?

Drive Start Control malfunction is a revolutionary automatic technology developed by Toyota. It is developed to stop sudden acceleration.

This helps protect the driver and the safety of other traffic users in the event of a speed issue and prevents the engine from restarting when on the road.

The principal function of this feature is to track shifts in the gears while driving and to determine if the driver is not paying attention to the gas pedal and causing the car to move too fast.

If it determines that the speed you drive is excessively fast, The Control Malfunction Warning light on the dashboard will turn on.

The system will reduce the engine’s power and acceleration to guarantee safety.

It also helps identify obstructions that hinder the road ahead and the driver’s vision. The system then automatically reduces the engine’s power and stops in these situations.

What Are Causes Of Drive Start Control Malfunction Tundra?

The most frequent reasons for the Driver Starter Control are problems with drivers, faulty fuse connections, and rusted connectors.

These issues do not always appear when a new system is installed but appear when it’s been in operation for some time.

Driving Mistakes

The most common cause of problems with driving is the reason for malfunctions in the Control Start. Start Control. The subjective or objective aspects could cause it.

The driver and other external factors like attitude, obstructions, and mood influence it.

When the driver concurrently pushes the accelerator while shifting the gear, then your drive start control issue Toyota CHR may occur.

The reason for this is that it is a violation of the mechanism of the gears. The gears are altered in a direction incompatible with the auto gear.

The vehicle’s single-gear operating mechanism had broken, resulting in an issue.

The third reason is due to the obstructions on the road. Some riders may encounter potholes or small stones.

The system cannot recognize it due to its weakness: it will only detect obstacles with huge areas, including trees, walls, cars, and so on.

So, if you fall into potholes, you panic about gear but forget that you are still holding the accelerator, which causes your system to malfunction.

Problematic Fuse

Fuse malfunction is among the main causes of Drive Start Control malfunction. This not only causes your electrical system to shut down but also affects your drive Start Control.

The most common reason for a burned or blown fuse can be a loose or burned fuse wire.

The fuse is extremely uncomfortable and causes burns when exposed to a too high current. It makes all systems cease working immediately.

Although it’s not the primary reason behind a Drive Start Control issue, certain switches are connected to the battery or elements of the motor system.

The control system could fail if the fault is found within the capacitors.

Rusted Connector

The connector is attached directly to the motors, which are mostly responsible for performing the brake function.

It is most often used in emergencies when you push the brake pedal. The throttle might or may not be activated.

As time passes, the debris builds up on the connector, leaving the connector with rust. The cable is terminated in particular sensors directly connected to the vehicle’s engine. It also synchronizes the pedal’s pressure according to the gear.

Because of this level of rust, the system can only make it difficult for the Drive Start Control to carry the task with a hitch. This means that the system could fail.

How To Fix Driver Control Malfunction?

Check The Plugs And Cables

If a driver control problem occurs, you’ll have to examine the spark cables and plugs and tighten them again in the event of a need.

They could have slipped loose while driving or following a long operation.

The rough and bumpy roads could cause the plugs to become loose and cause system failure. Also, check if the oil accumulates over the ignition plug to repair it in time.

If you discover that the cable has been damaged or is open, it’s time to visit a repair shop.

The mechanics will fix the issue for you, as the cable network beneath this engine compartment is very complex. If you’re unfamiliar with cars, talking to the mechanic who repairs the problem is ideal.

Clean The Connector

As previously mentioned, the connector has rust or is covered in dirt after a long period after the car has not been cleaned. This will cause the Start Control to fail. Start Control to fail.

Therefore, it is best to clean this connector with care.

Remember that after cleaning the area, it is best to leave it in the air for some time and then place it in the correct spot.

The reason for this is that it might have residual moisture left over from cleaning the connector, which could cause issues with the connection.

After cleaning the connector, it will quickly transmit signaling to engine units through sensors.

The system will discern forward and reverse ratios, even if you accidentally push the pedal too far.

This means the risk of failure in this Start Control system is greatly reduced. The start Control system is greatly diminished.

Use Clearance Sonar System

Toyota Drive Start Control malfunction

Sonar technology is also a sensor technology that Toyota developed to help with Drive Start Control. Drive Start Control.

This security feature allows the car to stop automatically in an accident on the roadway. When this happens, Toyota’s security DSC will start to control the vehicle.

This technology could be used to solve the issue caused by accidental acceleration. It can reduce the risk of accidents in traffic and collisions caused by a brake malfunction.

While this sensor technology can detect obstacles within a short distance, Toyota strives to improve it to detect obstacles from a greater distance, improving traffic safety shortly.


How To Fix the 2016 Lexus RX 350 Drive Start Control Malfunction?

To resolve this issue, you need first to examine the battery since it is the power source for all systems on the vehicle. If you discover an unresponsive battery, Replace it as soon as possible.

If the battery is in good shape, check the starter system and the plugs and cables in case they are loose during vehicle operation. If you spot these issues, then tighten the plugs.

If you cannot detect any of these errors, you need to let the mechanics investigate and fix the issue.

Similar to the Toyota Camry, which is similar to the Drive Start Control malfunction 2018 Toyota Camry, this 2016 Lexus RX features a rather complicated system and brand-new Toyota technology.

The driver may not have a lot of information on the sensor.

In addition, you must maintain a safe and responsible driving style. Traveling at a steady speed is important to avoid hitting any obstacles in the road.

DSC cannot recognize tiny and inaccessible objects. Therefore, you must be aware of your driving practice.

What Are The Consequences Of A Drive Start Control Malfunction?

If the component is damaged, it won’t be able to detect the surrounding obstacles, creating issues for careless drivers drivers.

Furthermore, if a driver accidentally presses the brake pedal to go to the accelerator, the damaged DSC system won’t be able to manage this.

Serious accidents could occur, such as collisions with pedestrians or hitting trees and electricity poles.

Not having this assistive system is an issue for motorists, particularly for those who drive for long periods or in the dark.


In the end, driver errors or faulty fuses, as well as corrosion of connectors, can cause problems with the Drive Start Control failure.

It is possible to solve it independently by inspecting the cable cleaning the connector, or letting a mechanic repair it.

We appreciate you taking the time to read the article.

I hope you’ve found this valuable information.

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