P1564 Nissan ascd steering switch location-100% solved

usually P1564 nissan ascd steering switch location is frequently questioned by drivers. This P1564 Nissan steering lever permits the driver to shift gears while sitting in the driver’s seat. It is linked to various systems inside the car, including AC and the headlights switches. If you’re experiencing issues when using the P1564 Nissan the steering control, you need to seek out a mechanic immediately. If you do this you can be sure that the issue is detected and rectified before it gets more severe.

Receiving an error message on your electronic device, such as a car or a computer, is a frustrating experience, particularly when you need to know the error code and the cause or the best way to solve it. This article is written for Nissan owners whose vehicles have received the error code P1564.

It is believed that the P1564 error code found in the case of a Nissan indicates a problem with the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD), commonly referred to by the name of cruise control. The P1564 error code indicates an issue with a fuse, ASCD switch, wiring harness, or Engine Control Module. It’s relatively easy to resolve the issue.

The P1564 error code displayed on the Nissan is not a significant cause of concern. Based on your experience with automobiles, motivation and time, you may take matters into your own hands or have the issue resolved by the garage near you.

Here’s how Nissan can tell what the P1564 number means, its most common causes, and ways to solve it.

What does the P1564 Code mean for Nissan?

According to the Nissan type, it might receive slight variations of the error code. Some vehicles will display it with the “P1564” code; others will say it as the “P1564” number, whereas others will show the code, followed by a series of numbers and letters.

However, the P1564 code and variations have an ordinary meaning and must be rectified using Automatic Speed Cvice (ASCD) or cruise control.

Simply, it is that your Nissan’s onboard Engine Control Module (ECM) has detected a problem in one (or more) of the ASCD components and relays the information by displaying an error code of P1564.

The most likely scenario would be a problem with your cruise control. However, the Nissan cruise control system may be comprised of various mechanisms. You’ll need to research further to determine if the ASCD component requires repair (or replacement).

What are the most common causes of a P1564 Code in Nissan?

There are many possible reasons why Nissan has given you a P1564 error message because of the various components that comprise the cruise control system of Nissan integrated into the steering wheel.

Here’s a list of every possible reason that could cause the error code P1564:

  • The fuse is not working correctly.
  • The ASCD steering switch may be defective (the most frequent cause)
  • The wiring harness may be faulty.
  • It is believed that the Engine Control Module (ECM) needs to be fixedrible.

Knowing that the issue could be simply a problem with a defective or blown fuse is vital. Therefore, ensuring fuses have been blown before taking any other action.

How To Fix Issue Related To P1564 Code In Nissan?

There are many methods to fix the P1564 error code. P1564 error code since the reasons for it can be different. The most common solutions are replacing the ASCD steering switch, replacing the ASCD wiring, and re-installing the ECM.

Replacing Nissan’s ASCD Steering Switch

The most frequently reported causes indicate a problem with the ASCD steering switch. Replacing that switch would be the most popular method to correct the error P1564.

This ASCD steering control switch is a cruise control switch built on the Nissan dashboard. The switch’s appearance will differ based on the Nissan model; however, they’re usually located within the wheel.

The Nissan ASCD steering switch can be purchased through eBay and Amazon for DIY car repairers who want to replace this component.

Prices vary according to the design of the switch; however, you’re likely to pay between forty and ninety bucks.

Test the ASCD Wiring of Nissan

Changing an ASCD steering switch may not resolve the problem. In this case, it may be due to the wire or harness. It is recommended to examine the wiring before replacing the ASCD control switch.

As previously mentioned, switching the switch frequently resolves the issue. However, it’s not a good idea to buy an entire replacement ASCD steering switch only to discover later that the problem is not with the steering switch.

To test the wiring, consult the Nissan manual or browse the internet. Test your switch’s voltage output with an odometer to determine whether it aligns with the factory specifications. If the results don’t match, the wiring harness will likely be at fault in this P1564 warning code.

Below is an illustration of the excluded voltage output of the ASCD steering switch components of The 2004 Nissan Pathfinder LE

 ConditionData (DC Voltage)
ASCD Steering switch[Ignition switch ON] ASCD steering switch: OFFApproximately 4V
[Ignition switch ON] Main switch: PressedApproximately 0V
[Ignition switch ON] CANCEL switch: PressedApproximately 1V
[Ignition switch ON] SET/COAST switch: PressedApproximately 2V
[Ignition switch ON] RESUME/ACCEL switch: PressedApproximately 3V

If you receive the correct voltages, the issue may not be related to wiring. It is recommended to have the component (ASCD steering switch) replaced in that instance.

There is a slight chance that the ECM Requires Replacement In Nissan.

There is also the possibility that the ECM is defective and could cause the P1564 problem. If this occurs, the recommended process is the replacement of the ECM.

But first, confirm whether the issue is unrelated to your ASCD steering button or the wiring.

What’s the Cost to Repair and Diagnose A P1564 Error Code On Nissan?

It will take about once for an experienced technician to discover the reason behind a P1564 Nissan error message. You could do it alone, but it will likely take longer, and the diagnosis price will differ based on the repair shop. However, you should expect to spend between seventy to a hundred and fifty dollars.

To determine the cause, you must examine the car’s fuse box, check your ASDC electrical harness, and dismantle the steering wheel. If you’re uncomfortable doing this, leaving the work to an expert is recommended.


What is a P1564 Error Code for the dashboard of my Nissan vehicle?

The Error Code p1564 found on the Nissan indicates a problem with the ‘Automatic Control Device’ feature. It usually refers to the sensor for the position of throttle, or the connections that are associated with an electronic cruise control.

What is the reason for the p1564 Error Code to show up?

Common causes are:

  • A misaligned or defective throttle position sensor
  • Problems concerning the switch for cruise controls
  • Problems with wiring in the circuit for the speed control device
  • Problems with malfunctions in the Engine Control Module (ECM)

What signs should I expect when my Nissan has the error code p1564?

A sign of P1564 Error Code can include:

  • The cruise control system is not working properly.
  • Irregular patterns of acceleration
  • Check Engine light is illuminated on the dashboard
  • Potential reduction in fuel efficiency

What can I do to identify an error code p1564?

To diagnose a p1564 Error Code:

  1. Make use of the OBD-II scanner to verify that the DTC is on the way.
  2. Check your throttle sensor as well as its connections.
  3. Make sure you check the cruise control switch’s to see if it is working.
  4. Check for any obvious electrical issues that could impact the circuit for controlling speed.
  5. If necessary, use multimeter testing for deeper electrical diagnosis.

Can I fix a P1564 Error Code by myself? If yes what can I do?

Yes, if you’ve got decent mechanical skills. Here’s how to repair it:

  • Replace or align your throttle sensor, if you find it to be inoperable.
  • Replace or repair the damaged wire.
  • Replace a defective cruise control switch.

But, certain fixes might require extensive knowledge of the vehicle’s electronics, and should be done by a professional if not confident about your skills.

If I need professional help with an error code for p1564?

It is recommended to seek help from a professional If:

  • You don’t have the tools or the expertise to identify the problem accurately.
  • The DIY fixes you made didn’t eliminate the error message.
  • When you encounter electrical issues, they are complex which require special equipment.

Keep in mind that you must remember that the ECM (Engine Control Module) is the main controller of your vehicle. Uncorrect handling of the related problems could result in more serious problems with your car.

Does the error code p1564 an indication of a serious issue in my Nissan?

Although it’s not likely to indicate an immediate issue but ignoring the p1564 Error Code may lead to more serious issues including a damaged ECM critical for the performance of your vehicle.

Can ignoring a P1564 Error Code impact my fuel efficiency?

Absolutely, any issue related to the throttle control could affect the fuel efficiency. Because the code involves an electronic sensor for the location of the throttle it could lead to inadequate fuel efficiency and poor engine performance.

Do the costs for fixing an error code p1564 Code expensive?

The price is usually low except when it is associated with more serious problems within your engine’s control. Simple replacement of sensors or wire repair can be fairly inexpensive when compared with ECM repairs.

How can I stop P1564 Error Codes from recurring?

Regularly checking the condition on your car’s throttle and electronic system can aid in preventing the appearance of the p1564 Error Code. Make sure to address any issues with the performance of your vehicle immediately to avoid problems.

Note You may not be familiar with the terms used previously:

OBD-II is the car’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system that checks the operation of your car and will report any problems.

Throttle Position Sensor is a sensor that is used to monitor the direction of the throttle in an internal combustion engine.

ECM (Engine Control Module) is a computer that regulates various engine functions, like the mixture of fuel and air as well as timing of ignition.

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) are specific codes that are used to identify vehicle problems. These codes are stored by the OBD system.


It is believed that the P1564 error code isn’t connected to an issue of grave concern. The error code is related to a problem with Nissan’s Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD).

In most instances, replacing the ASCD cruise switch will resolve the problem. However, the wiring harness could be the culprit. This issue could be due to the Engine Control Module (ECM).

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