P1101 chevy malibu 2017 fix an ultimate guide

If you own a Chevy Malibu that displays a P1101 error code, Here are P1101 chevy malibu 2017 fix. P1101 error message There are a few common causes and solutions that could solve the issue.

The causes include the MAF sensor, the throttle body, and a possible vacuum leak.

What is a P1101 code on the Chevy Malibu?

The P1101 OBDII error code is identified by the code ” MAF Out of Self Test Range.”

Specific scan tools will show the error as ” Intake Air Flow System Performance.”

At the time that the Chevy Malibu starts for the first time, its MAF sensor (MAF) performs self-diagnostic tests.

If the results from self-diagnostic tests are out of the norm, A P1101 error code is displayed.

It is typically a problem in the sensor for the MAF throttle body and vacuum leak.

Four Common Causes and Solutions P1101 Chevrolet Malibu

MAF Sensor for Mass Airflow (MAF)

  • A dirty or dirty mass airflow sensor could result in a P1101 error.
  • The sensor for mass airflow is located in the filter for air intake. It is simple to clean or replace.
  • It is recommended that the sensor be cleaned before replacing it, as sensors are usually dirty.

Throttle Body

  • In the event that the throttle’s body fails or has become filthy, it will emit a P1101.
  • It is situated in the rear of the engine and is positioned against the firewall. It has the hose for air intake attached.
  • If the vehicle is filthy, it can be cleaned by cleaning the body of your throttle and an abrasive.
  • Sometimes, it looks good, but it has dirt that needs to be cleaned.
  • It might also fail; however, cleaning it regularly helps to fix throttle body problems.

Vacuum Leak

  • Vacuum leaks can lead to various issues, such as the P1101 error message.
  • If the leak is large, the likelihood is that it will be detected. However, more minor leaks are difficult to locate.
  • A spray bottle could be used to determine whether the idle change when the leak is sprayed in order to aid in locating the source.
  • A mechanic shop may employ equipment that releases smoking smoke to the systems. The smoke is then released from the leak to help locate the leak.
  • A typical weakness can be found in the PVC valve that, depending on what Chevy Malibu year it is, could contain two.
  • Most of the time, when the PVC valve is damaged, the valve will produce the sound of hissing.

Evaluate the O2 Sensors

Use an OBD-II scanner to check for additional error codes or use a voltmeter to check for proper operation. Replace if necessary.

Prevention Tips

To avoid future run-ins with P1101:

  • Regularly replace air filters according to your service schedule.
  • Keep tabs on your MAF sensor’s cleanliness.
  • Perform routine checks on intake and exhaust systems for signs of wear or leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean or replace the MAF sensor?

Cleaning should be part of your routine maintenance, while replacement depends on the sensor’s condition and error codes.

Can driving with a P1101 code lead to more serious damage?

Potentially, yes. Ignoring this code can lead to inefficient combustion, poor engine performance, and increased emissions.


The Chevrolet Malibu is a great vehicle, but just like any automobile, it can face issues, mainly when it ages.

One of the most common issues is a P1101 OBDII error message.

When the engine check light turns up and an electronic code reader shows an error code P1101, it’s typically an airflow mass MAF, the throttle body, or a leak.

The first thing you should check is how filthy the body of your throttle is, and then clean it if needed.

They can appear like they’re clean, but there’s dirt or grime that’s causing a problem.

To clean it, you can use the throttle body cleaner. It can be sprayed or cleaned using an abrasive.

Based on how filthy it is, it might need to be cleaned and thoroughly cleaned.

A leak in the air can create problems, with massive leaks typically easy to locate and mall leaks being more complex.

To find leaks that are difficult to locate, mechanics use smoke machines that pump fumes into the system. It then is released from the leak’s location.

The reference voltage can be tested along with leaks in the fuel, pressure of the fuel and vacuum system, fuel trim system if the system isn’t working, and self-testing the range.

Have you encountered problems with a Chevy Malibu P1101 error code? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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