Mazda cx 5 won’t turn off – Ultimate fix guide

What can I do if the mazda cx 5 won’t turn off? That’s the question I’ve been getting a lot of lately from my readers on my website.

Let me share with you a secret This isn’t the only person to run into this person!

Although even though the Mazda 2017 CX 5 is one of the most impressive models that is favored by a lot of people users, many have claimed to be suffering from the fact that it isn’t able to close.

Don’t worry about it anymore as I will provide help to get you get out of the rut. Continue reading to learn how you can fix this issue!

The Mazda CX 5 Won’t Turn Off – What are the Causes?

There are a variety of reasons that can cause the 2014. Mazda CX 5 is not able to shut down. This list includes problems in the ignition system and the start/stop button, as well as the relay that controls the ignition.

Before you get to know more about solutions, here’s information on the causes of this issue!

Inflammation Pump Relay

A relay for the ignition can be at fault when your car doesn’t start or stop several times, and it’s difficult to hear the pump turning to a shifted position in the ignition.

This is because the ignition pump relay provides electric power for the pump that fuels it, thereby increasing the pressure of the fuel rail to start the engine.

If it is struggling to keep dust from accumulating, becomes damaged by the effects of a blowing fuse, or is afflicted by electrical surges of power, the device will continue to function without receiving the signal to close down.

Inflammation Module

The issue with the engine performance of the Mazda CX 5 not running may be one of the indications there is a problem with your ignition system.

As you are aware, the various engine functions required for modern cars to function are controlled via a variety of sensors that are electronic and module.

There is an ignition component, which is also known as”the ESC module.

Its primary goal is to facilitate the process of reducing or increasing power and to maximize effectiveness.

It is for this reason that any issue that occurs within it can impact the performance of your car which could result in your motor not being in a position to switch off.

Stop/Start Button

It is obvious it is one of the most evident components that are responsible for this problem should be the stop/start button.

There are a lot of possibilities that your Mazda CX 5 won’t turn on when the power button is clogged with particles that have accumulated.

There are a few technical issues that require the help from a skilled mechanic, such as scratching, a dent, or having a damaged power button.

Also, ensure that you’ve scrutinized the parts thoroughly to ensure useful solutions can be put to use.

How do I fix a Mazda that won’t turn off?

Your Mazda CX 5 car won’t turn on even after you’ve tried every method to fix it.

Below are three options to solve the issue of the Mazda CX five not working which have been tested thoroughly both by myself and one of my driver’s colleagues:

Replace Ignition Module

  • 1. Locate the relay’s fuse. In my instance, it is located underneath the hood, right next to the fuel pump’s fuel (remember this important note the relay fuse is usually larger than the fuse for the fuel pump).

However, several Mazda CX-5 owners in 2014 claim to have it under the dashboard.

  • Step 2. Make certain you’ve got your CX-5 owner’s guide for 2020 that is provided by the car manufacturers close by and refer to it with care so that you don’t make any mistakes that could cause an accident.
  • Step 3. The purposes that the box serves are usually written on the cover of the cabinet. Check the box’s cover to verify that the functions of the box are clearly defined.
  • 4. Make two extra large pliers to take out the relay fuse. Doing it will require help from a sturdy hand and a sturdy tool.
  • 5. Replace the ignition module for the cylinder with a fresh one.

Relay the fuel Pump Relay

  • Step 1: Locate your fuel pump. As I stated, it’s close to the fuel for your relay (both of them are within the same box).

However, that’s only the situation with my vehicle. If you are unable to locate it go to the glove compartment and there it is!

  • Step 2. Get the panel cover off the fuse box.
  • Step 3. After opening the hood and finding the pump that is fuel, now you will be in the middle portion of the process removing the fuel pump’s fuse with pliers that are stable.

This process will require a large amount of your powerful grasp and a powerful pull.

  • 4. Wait to wait for an appropriate duration of time. It could be as short as 10 seconds or even a few minutes, after which the car must stop.
  • 5. Replace your ignition device with a brand-new ignition module.
  • Step 6: Set up a new fuel pump relay.
  • 7. Check the relay for fuel’s functioning. If it’s not working, you could need to replace the fuel pump relay. replace the entire engine.

Replace the Start/Stop Button

The Mazda 6 won’t turn off? Given the technical nature of working on electronic components directly connected to your car’s computer, deciphering the reason for the problem could be a challenge.

To fix this issue I suggest taking it to a reputable auto repair shop and finding an experienced technician who is skilled in repairing Mazda cars since they could require the installation of a brand new stop/start button and set it in a way that works.

mazda cx 5 won't turn off


What Happens If Repairing Components didn’t help turn off The Mazda CX-5?

If you decide to replace these parts isn’t enough to cause the Mazda engine to stop working.

There is only one option: take the vehicle to your nearest repair shop for auto repairs for a proper diagnosis and repair within the shortest amount of time.

What Do I Need To Manually Switch off A Mazda?

  • Step 1. Turn the shift lever of the transmission into neutral, then set the parking brake in place quickly.
  • Step 2. Set the brake pedal for the parking accessory and press the brake after adjusting the lever to the position of the P accessory.
  • Step 3. To close the engine of your remote, press the “start” button.

Does Keyless Cars automatically turn off Mazda CX-5 2015?

No. In the beginning, you must change gears to Park and then hit the stop button since a keyless ignition system will not stop working when you get out of your car using the fob or smart key.


It’s a problem with your Mazda CX 5 won’t shut off even after you press the start button several times. Are you getting ready to lose it?

A nagging nuisance yet a good opportunity to get more information about the vehicle you love!

This is all you need to be aware of when facing the subject. Hope that this article can assist you. Check it out!

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