How To Reset Airbag Light Nissan: ultimate guide

Understanding the best way to “How To Reset Airbag Light Nissan” is crucial for every Nissan driver, as the light is crucial to ensure security. If the indicator blinks, paying attention and taking appropriate action is imperative.

A false alarm is probably the situation you’re in. Scenario: The solution is resetting the light for your airbag. Nissan will be your answer. We’ll help you navigate the procedure step-by-step to eliminate the issue.

Additionally, there will be an explanation of some possible causes should you wish to determine the cause of the issue on your own.

How to Reset Nissan Airbag Lights?

What is the Airbag Light Signify?

Like the car with that key logo on the Nissan’s dashboard, the Nissan airbag light is among the icons on the control panel.

The SRS component (Supplemental Restraint System) connects the safety system to the system for seat belts.

Usually, when you turn off the ignition switch, the icon will flash for about 5-7 seconds before it will turn off. It indicates that the internal system check has been done without any mistakes.

The issue begins when you can’t be able to see the light, or it stays in the same position without turning off. The panic mode signifies the system’s deactivation and warns an uninspiring airbag in an accident.

As you shouldn’t ignore the flashing light, it’s time to use it to reset the Nissan Airbag Light reset.

How Do I Reset?

Learning how to turn off the light on the airbag on the 2016 Nissan Altima is easy. You must follow the five easy steps to complete the task; no reset tool is required.

Step 1.

Place the key in the ignition switch and turn to the On position without cranking the engine.

Step 2.

If you turn the ignition On, you’ll notice your SRS warning lamp flashing. It will flash for approximately seven seconds.

The task here is to switch the ignition switch into the Off position and remove the key in seconds when the light goes out.

Step 3.

Wait 3-5 seconds.

Step 4.

Repeat the steps three times. The procedure should be repeated three times in total.

Step 5.

Insert the key and then start your car. The indicator will light up briefly before it goes off, just as it should. If it does not happen as expected, try starting the process over.

Suppose you have completed the reset procedure correctly according to the instructions, and the lamp does not go away. In that case, you need help from a professional to determine the cause of the problem.

Why is The Airbag Indicator Illuminating?

How do you turn off the lights for the airbag in your Nissan Altima? Apart from resetting it, knowing the causes allows you to address the issue at the source.

Drained Backup Airbag Battery

If there’s not enough energy in the Nissan’s Battery to power the engine, you’ll require an additional battery to start up and drain the Battery. That’s why flashing of the 2012. Nissan Rogue airbag light flashing.

In this situation, you must replenish the Battery that is used for backup and restart the sensors that caused your crash by hand.

Broken Airbag Clock Spring

Clock springs, also known as spiral cables, are vital elements in the system. It is the most costly to repair in the event of malfunctioning performance.

This contact reel moves through and out every time the wheel turns and stays in a constant connection between the protection device and the electrical wiring.

However, the device could fail to secure the connection because of the degradation over time.

This is why you’ll see a glowing icon telling you to check and change the information to eliminate the error.

Sensors Damaged

The engine control unit (ECU) receives sensor signals to determine the components’ state.

If a sensor is activated and triggered, it might produce an error, resulting in the flashing light from the Nissan airbag being shown as an error message.

The OBD II scanner can help you search for the defective sensor, replace it, and reset it to resolve the issue.

Poor Plug Connector

Moving the front seats back and forward might contact the connectors beneath and affect connections between the ECU and crash sensors.

The system will then notify you of the issue by activating the icon for SRS.

The best solution is to remove the connectors, spray the terminals with an electric cleaner spray, and then put them back in their proper positions.

Wire Issues

If the connectors and sensors are working correctly, the issue could be in the wiring. In the event of a malfunctioning wire, it cannot guarantee a connection between the sensors that detect a crash and the ECU, which can lead to the circuit being open.

Because the ECU cannot receive a signal from the sensors, it displays an alert icon.

Wet Airbag Module

Damp Airbag Module

This module is in the driver’s seat and can withstand 5 ohms in resistance. The water damage could trigger short circuits or even corrosion to develop, thereby increasing the resistance.

The blinking light for the airbag in Nissan will warn drivers of the condition. Taking your car into a shop for repair is recommended to keep other electrical components from being affected by any issue.


Is it safe to Drive With An Airbag Flashing Alert Light?


Driving while this light is on the cluster isn’t recommended as it’s risky and can lead to unsafe situations.

The bag that protects you from harm could blow up during driving, causing you to be wounded.

In addition, the symbol indicates a problem with the security device cannot be opened when a collision occurs. It does not protect the driver from impact and can result in deaths.

So, if you see this symbol blinking, you need to troubleshoot the issue as quickly as possible.

How Do You Set The Airbag Light by Disconnecting the Battery?


How do I reset the light for airbags in 2015? Nissan Altima? Many car owners are considering disconnecting the Battery as a method to solve that works, and it can be successful.

It’s a temporary issue and isn’t a great solution to the root reason. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic for a thorough inspection.

Can You Drive in a car without an airbag Module?

Yes, but not recommended.

Contrary to that Flashing Red Car Key icon Nissan hinders you from beginning your engine, it’s still possible for your car to function without the protective bag.

However, This model should be in place to safeguard yourself and your passengers in potential emergencies.

How To Reset Airbag Light Nissan


You’re likely experiencing a false alarm when you see the Airbag icon shining brightly across your dashboard. All you have to do is follow the above steps to restore the light for your Nissan airbag.

Be aware that a variety of reasons could cause the lights. Doing nothing or waiting around won’t resolve the issue, but it could expose you to danger.

In this instance, bringing your vehicle to a professional is best to get a diagnosis.

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