Gmc speed limit display not working: Ultimate guide to fix

For the famous Chevy automobiles, the speed limit display is crucial in advising motorists about their car’s speed and ensuring they are in control of their speed when driving.

So you can see that Gmc speed limit display not working on Chevy cars are a challenge for many drivers.

For regular GMC vehicles, this speed-limit display can appear by using a head-up display (HUD) and the Google Maps software.

What is the purpose of how the display of speed limits functions? What is the significance of it? How do we show the speed limit for Chevrolet navigation?

What can we do if you notice that the GMC speed limit display does not work? All details will be provided and included in this article.

What Is The Speed Limit Display on GMC?

As previously mentioned, the speed limit symbol on the GMC will be displayed to the driver via two main methods: Head-Up Display (HUD) and Google Maps.

Speed Limit Display Via Head-Up Display (HUD)


GMC or Chevy automobiles have an indicator for speed limits called a head-up display (HUD). In particular, a vehicle’s HUD (Head-up Display) will be a gadget that displays data on the dashboard.

In recent years, its superior utility HUD screens have become increasingly popular in various areas, including automobiles.

The HUD display on the steering wheel has numerous models and designs. The manufacturer creates each type to show specific or more details.

The majority of HUD monitors display data like:

  • The indicator for the driving speed limit Indicates the vehicle’s current speed or highway speed. Additionally, certain HUDs come with the ability to save speed history as well as speed warning lights. Establish speed limits and more.
  • Engine RPM: Indicates current engine RPM parameters. Certain HUDs come with the ability to set an alert for rpm limits to protect the engine and also to conserve fuel.
  • Many kilometers/time traveled The distance is indicated along with the time the vehicle has traveled. Space is usually shown in kilometers. Time is represented in minutes or hours.
  • The fuel consumption indicates the amount consumed that is displayed on the HUD. It can be in liters/100km or liters/hour.

Operation Principle

Electrons trigger the speed limit marker as well as other sources of sensorization.

The signal is transmitted into the fluorescent tube, starting portions from the seven numbers, or clock symbols inside the box. The optical components then emit light from these components onto the vehicle’s windshield.

The driver can see images floating above the car’s front.

Speed Limit Display Via Google Maps


Google’s navigation feature, Google Maps, is available for free, user-friendly, and accessible to iOS as well as Android users.

For many years, most smartphone users have benefited from the advantages of speed limit displays and Apple Maps speedometers.

Operation Principle

If you’ve ever driven down a road that needed to be more familiar with and wondered about the speed limit, Google shows the current speed in Google Maps in the lower right section of their Google Maps application.

To answer the query ” How to check speed on maps?” or ” How to show your speed on Google Maps phone?“, you must activate the speed limit marker option within Google Maps, open the Google Maps app on your iPhone, and follow these steps:

  • Start your Google Maps app and tap your profile icon at the top right corner.
  • Select Settings
  • Choose the option Navigation for the item.
  • Click the toggle to display speed limit indicators.

When your speed limit display is turned on, you can hear Google Maps warnings about speed traps.

If you’re in an area with lower speed restrictions, Google Maps will let you know there’s an opportunity to speed up ahead.

Is The GMC Speed Limit Display Important to The Car?

This GMC Speed Limit display is crucial for a Chevy automobile driver.

By using this feature, drivers can quickly monitor all the essential information regarding the speed of the car while driving without looking at the dashboard beneath.

This aids in maintaining focus, ensures constant observation of events, and reduces the risk of unexpected dangers.

Particularly the driver’s capacity to track the vehicle’s speed so that the car’s speed can be adjusted to the allowed limit to protect the driver and avoid fines for speeding-related violations.

The driver uses the GMC speed limiter with a HUD display.

In this case, the driver will also be able to recognize vehicle malfunctions quickly (if there are any), for instance, the high temperature of the tank and engine, poor battery voltage, engine malfunction, etc. For prompt handling.

What are the causes of the GMC Speed Limit Display not working?

There are five main reasons for this GMC speed-limit display to stop functioning: the age of components, a waterlogged HUD screen, inaccessible Google Map Navigation Apps, several running apps simultaneously, and hardware/software issues. I’ll give you the reasons below:

The HUD Screen is Wet

The 2022 Tahoe speed limit display is not functioning by letting water adhere to the surface or absorbing the HUD screen, causing it to be cut short and allowing you to adjust it according to the desired.

Another reason could be that it was accidentally filled with water or cleaned during the car’s cleaning.

Running Too Many Applications at Once on The HUD

If you use the HUD display, most car owners use several applications simultaneously, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Google Maps.

This is a significant reason that the screen appears frozen and not smooth.

Old Components, Long-Used Time

The screen being used for an extended period can slow down this adaptive speed.

The screen’s lifespan has been greatly diminished, which has led to insufficient internal components.

Hardware And Software Errors Inside HUD

Inside the HUD, the GMC intelligent speed adjustment is a small control system, and a problem or malfunctioning processor chip can cause an inability to deal with diverse applications.

The screen has been damaged by bumps, which resulted in the processor becoming unstable and damaged, causing the car’s screen to break and stop working.

Google Maps Navigation Service is Not Available in Some Areas

The display of speed limits in Google’s Navigation Apps can pose numerous risks to drivers when driving.

The reason for this is the need for websites to be available in Google Maps, tiny alleys, complex routes, or areas that are not popular. The speed limits posted on Google Maps may not be accessible.

We recommend using speed alerts in the HUD rather than Google Maps’ navigation system map.

Utilizing Google Maps for free is feasible. However, the approximate speed warnings cannot be 100% assured.

What To Do If the GMC Speed Limit Display Is Not Working?

Close All Apps, Power Off, and Open Again

This is the most straightforward method to accomplish it. It’s possible that your screen is running too many programs or is experiencing a software conflict that causes a freeze state.

In this case, you must shut down all active applications. If the issue persists, switching off the power and switching it back on is recommended.

Test Software Applications

It’s not challenging to spot app conflicts that appear on your screen. It is best to check if the device has odd apps or large programs.

After that, remove them to decrease the memory usage on your internal system. This will let your HUD run more smoothly, and you won’t have to worry about speed alerts when you are along the highway.

Take It To a Service Center

If you need more than these methods to bring your GMC speed limit display to work, you must take it to a repair center specializing in car display.

The damage caused by errors, such as the processor chip being submerged in water, should be examined inside to prevent further destruction to other components and components.


Below is information about what is causing that GMC time limiter not showing and ways to fix it. I have compiled and sent it to our readers.

Following this article, I hope that if you experience an issue with a speed sign that isn’t working, the car owners will not have to worry about trouble if they don’t know why and the best way to fix it.

Mainly, if you are not a teenage driver and need to be made aware of the equipment malfunctions on your vehicle, the best option is to bring the car to a repair shop, which is the most efficient.

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